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<p><img src="/template/default/static/img/jianjie/img.jpg" class="bigImg"/></p><p class="text">Chiping Luhuan Auto Radiator Co.,ltd is located in Heat Power Industrial Area,&nbsp; Chiping which is known as Aluminum City . With convenient transportation situation, our company is east to capital city Jinan, south to Jinan-Liaocheng free way, north to Jinan to Handan railway.<br/></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Chiping Luhuan was founded in 2001, is a manufacture of specializing in R&amp;D, production, marketing, service in one and an enterprise of import and export. It is covered with area of 115000<span style="font-family:宋體">㎡</span>, including construction area 36000 <span style="font-family: 宋體">㎡</span>. The total assets of Chiping Luhuan is 260 million RMB, the existing staff is 300 more people, and 30 professional QC person. Our leading products are Automotive Aluminum Radiator, Mechanical Radiator, Inter Cooler which over 5000 varieties of models.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>The test site of our R&amp;D center coveres more than 3800 <span style="font-family:宋體">㎡</span> to meet the needs of new product development , a variety of tests and product tests. The R&amp;D center has complete engineering and technical test conditions and basic conditions, as well as laboratory equipments for all kind of performance test of auto radiator: wind tunnel test, heat transfer performance test, vibration test , pressure cycle test, burst test, cleanliness test and salt spray test; and has the ability of R&amp;D of auto radiator, performance test. Our abroad customers visited to our factory for many times and gave full recognition to our company’s product, on-site management, as well as auxiliary computer design system Solidworks, CAD ,&nbsp; and the performance detection test system</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>In order to promote the scale of our company, we consistently adhered to “ To survive from quality, to develop from innovation, to benefit from brand” and we pay close attention to the product quality control, to grade on the aspect of technology , equipments, testing means. We focus on the internal management and external market.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>We were officially approved of British NQA certified IATF &nbsp;16949:2016 Quality Management System Certification. Besides, we passed a French well-known enterprise ‘s approval. We are strictly in accordance with the IATF 16949:2016 quality management system&nbsp;<br/></p><p class="text"><br/></p>

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